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World War II: Infographics

Created by a team of historians and data designers led by Jean Lopez, the managing editor of Guerres & Histoire (Wars & History) magazine, World War II: Infographics tells the history of that war entirely through well-designed graphics. Although visually stunning, this is not a picture book. Its 357 maps and infographs provide a data-rich examination of 53 topics, beginning with the fall of democracies across Europe in the period between the two world wars and ending with unrest and independence in Europe's colonial empires after the war.

Whether considering aircraft production statistics, Soviet military losses or desert campaigns in the Sahara, World War II: Infographics uses geopolitical, economic, demographic and military data, organizing each topic in ways that ask new questions about familiar information and often provide new answers to enduring questions. --Pamela Toler, blogging at History in the Margins